savage model 24 22 mag 410 value It ceased production of the gun in the 1950s and it became the Savage 24. this is a model 24 over under 22 mag and 410 3" inch savage. NOTHING, I mean NOTHING is stamped on the outside of the receiver other than the model number and an etching of a bird on the side of the receiver. savage axis ii xp bolt action 6. SAVAGE MODEL 24 . 22LR Grooved Top Barrel for Scope Rings and is in excellent condition with push button in front of trigger guard to open action. Does the gun have a crossbolt safety near the rear of the frame? If yes go to #9. 25 CAD Savage Model 24 22/410 Hammer $30. 303 Savage with a 28- or 30-inch barrel with two barrel bands and a full-length military stock. Savage Model 42 22 Magnum/410 Shotshell Combo Gun 20" Barrels The Savage Model 42 was an affordably-priced over-under combination gun, manufactured for decades. Out of stock. 410 that I love! They're great rifles and the versaitility they give you is unsurpassed when small game is on the radar. All auctions must be paid in full within 5 days of the close of the item. 99 (Save 15%) $105. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 5" 5+1 Synthetic Gator Camo Stock Blac Out of stock View Details » View Details » Out of stock Finding the Blue Book value of your new and used firearms, including pistols, rifles, shotguns, airguns, and blackpowder guns is easy with the number one source of gun pricing. A Savage 24 along with a Marlin 35 & Remington 700 280 where my first ever GRAIL GUNS!! Squirrel Hunting with my Grandfather was a 16ga affair. I can toss in some ammo worth about $40 with the gun. $10. 410 Shotgun Crow Chicopee Falls,MA Save savage 22 mag rifle to get e-mail alerts and updates Please provide a Our News & Updates . Savage Model 42 22LR/410 Gauge Chambered for 12 Gauge and . Savage stayed with this design until the end of the Model 24's . The Savage Model 42 Takedown has a . The Army Air Corps used them in WWII as a survival gun in the bombers, or so I've read. 22 Win. At core basically a Mauser K98k built in Slavic regions, the M24/47 is a post-World War II update of the earlier M24. These guns are marked on the right side of the frame as either a Model 24, 24A, 24B, 24E, or 24H. 22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire cartridge and with the same choice of shot-shell chamberings as the DL. This is the older model with the button selector on the side of the receiver. . Savage Model 24 22 mag / 410 Shotgun for auction. net Everything on the rifle listed below: 22 long rifle, proof tested 410 bore, 3 inch chamber, patent Finally found my . Discussion Starter The best price for savage 410 22 for sale online. Whether you use them for recreational or competitive shooting, self-defence or hunting, every inch of our products is designed to give you an edge. 00 to onsite "Tax, Shipping & Handling and Internet Depends on how bad you want it, Condition, and model up the price along with caliber & gauge, A clean. A MODEL 24 rifle is currently worth an average price of $1,389. Savage Stevens Model 24 Front Sight - P/N 24-218 FRONT SIGHT 22/410 Savage Stevens Model 24 Front Sight FRONT SIGHT(22/410& 22/20 ga. Their storied history stretches all the way back to 1894, when the company launched the world’s first hammerless lever-action rifle—a gun they continued producing all the way up through 1998. Condition: Good. Favorite Answer. Savage Model 24 . 410 GA. Â It was a . 24 S-E Over/Under 22-20ga. 410 #2821 Top The Savage Model 24 features a rifle over a shotgun barrel. When Savage pulled the plug, a near-constant clamor of die-ha Savage Arms 42 Combo 22 Magnum Rifle /410 Gauge Shotgun Over / Under 20" and 21" Barrels Black Synthetic Stock 19667 - 88259 I have a Savage Model 24 combo gun in 22 mag over 20 gauge. 2 Pack Savage Stevens Lakefield Model 62 64 954 22lr 10 Round Magazine 30005. Providing gun parts since 1950. Hoosier Gun Works, Dealing in gun parts, 100000 gun parts, 2000 gun stocks, 1000 magazines, 500 barrels. History The Savage Model 24 was actually introduced by Stevens Arms as the Model 22-410 in 1938. Beautiful Case Color Receiver . Stevens Arms first made these guns from 1938 to 1950 and when they stopped, Savage introduced the Model 24. It was also fairly heavy. 410. Both bores in excellent condition. This rifle is chambered in 224 Valkyrie, which is a wise choice by Savage because this cartridge is known to have less wind drift and drop than any caliber in it’s class while maintaining less recoil than any cartridge that offers similar ballistics. The Savage Model 24 was an affordable-priced over-under combination gun, manufactured for decades. Savage Model 42 Takedown. The Savage model 24 was a great starter gun for the young hunters in the family Savage 93217 93 FV-SR Landry''s Signature Series Bolt 22 WMR 16. It has a 24 inch barrel and manual safety and sling mounts. Stock is in very good condition with some signs of use. 22LR/. 32 & . 5 or 3 inch shotshells. Added Marble arms Catch 22 with 50 rds. 300 Savage/. The sealed plastic boxes are excellent with as new cartridges. Mag – Threaded muzzle w/ Protector- 10 Twist: $195. 22 LR hollow points. This was my Grand Fathers rifle and has been a real blessing to be able to take it out to harvest some some game. The 22 shot fine, I had 2 light pin strikes on the 410 with no discharge. 00. 22 LR Over . 00 Gun Library: Savage Model 24 . If this is true, that means the value of one will undoubtedly increase as the supply "dries up". 50. Shootnstr8 · Registered. 22 Mag. (The Camper is no light weight either. 5x scope,I've watched him shoot 0. *Savage Mod 110 Cal . In 1950, Stevens stopped making the 22-410, and Savage introduced the same gun as the View sold price and similar items: Savage Model 24B O/U Combo - . Bores are very clean with strong rifling for the . No rusting in or on the barrels. 22 LR over . :innocent: I did end up swapping for that . Savage Model 24 22lr over . 357 mag claims that it very rare and a steal at $750. The 24 was also made with center fire rifle too, the 222, 223, 30-30, 22 hornet, 357 Mag and 410, 20ga and 12ga barrels, any combo could work very well. Series N and P have top of tang barrel release lever while Series S the front of the trigger gaurd sliding block barrel release. Mostly if it's got a 20 gauge you'll find a 22 magnum or a . . 410 Ga. Calibre/Item: 22 WMR & 410 Make: Chiappa Model: Bobble badger Action: Break open Scope/Sights: Nil Condition: New Price: $625 Advertised: 10/03/2021 Comment: A new Chiappa Badger combination in 22 WMR and 410 shotgun. 22 Win. WILL NOT FIT Model 24's that have a centerfire upper barrels (30-30, 223, ect. Action: Break-action over/under Get the best deals for savage model 24 gun parts at eBay. S. Get Savage/Springfield/Stevens Model 22-410 parts, accessories and schematics with Numrich Gun Parts. Savage 389: Made by an Italian Company for Savage, like the 2400 it was shotgun over rifle in configuration. BUTTSTOCK blemished odds n ends. You can also purchase inserts for the 20 gauge to convert it to a rifle such as a 30-30. Simpson to date following the savage, answers your sex questions on your sex questions on the savage model 23, tickets vip. 22 WMR over . Barrels are 24” long with good bores. 22 WMR and . 410 gauge barrel, 24” barrels, blue and case hardened finish, wood stocks, #NVSN. To show you the wide range of prices on these guns, I've paid in a range of $75. separated barrels, 3 in. Savage Model 24 22 LR, 20 Gauge 3″ Filter By Price. Savage 24S . 22 long rifle or . No typical cracks in the wrist of the buttstock. 60% original case colors on the receiver, fine bores, action, markings and wood. 50 Ex Tax: $119. Mag. 22LR, 22 Mag RF, 22 Hornet, 222, 223, 30-30, 357 mag Never seen a 25/20 version of Savage 24 - could be a dandy cast boolit woods gun though . 30-30 from 1923 to 1940 with a curved, carbine-style buttplate. 410 Gauge. 410 combination (as opposed to other combos) in 1989 - so that would put the DOM of your M24 somewhere between 1968 & 1989, depending upon I can only find info on the 22LR/410 Combo not the 22mag/410 There is no serial number. 50. 410 shotshells. 22 Magnum and 20-gauge offerings to follow. Those Savage 24 shotguns were built like a tank. Hornady V-Max 22 Magnum Ammo 30 Grain V-Max 100 Rounds Description: This is a lot of 2 full (100 total rounds), sealed boxes of Hornady V-Max . 50 More Info Out of Stock This item, Savage Arms Co Model 24 410/22 Single Shot, is part of the auction: ONLINE ABSOLUTE AUCTION: FIREARMS - AMMUNITION - SPORTING GOODS. Combo GunThis is a very nice and somewhat unique Savage Arms Revolvy brain's folder savage arms model 99. 00 Savage24 Savage Arms Stevens 22156 555 Compact Over/Under 410GA 26" 3" Turkish Walnut Stock Black Aluminum Alloy Out of stock View Details » View Details » Out of stock During World War II, the U. Savage Arms Magazine - Savage Mark II Series 22 Long Rifle (22LR), 17 Mach 2 10-Round Savage Model 24 Combo 410/22LR Lucky Dip (SAV24LD) $150 00. savage model 24 22 win mag 20 gauge Online shopping from a great selection of discounted 22 LR Semi-Auto Rifles by Savage at Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore. 410 gauge shells. The other markings are ". /20 Savage Model 24 was a . Case hardening, checkering, walnut stock, and rarer barrel The model 24 that was introduced in 1950 would consist of the 22 long rifle barrel on top and the 410 shotgun the bottom. Any help appreciated. 410 bore shotgun shells from the bottom. We hope to put Savages smaller combo gun up against Baikals #489392, the MP94 set up as a 410-bore/22 LR ($562) or the #489394, a 410/22WMR ($511). I inherited a Early Model Stevens Savage 22-410 with Tenanite Stocks. other than the marks on the stock this rifle is in very good condition. Stevens 94 24 Tenite Forend 410. The Savage Arms Model 42 Takedown Is a Rimfire Rifle and Shotgun All in One Savage Arms 42 Takedown Break Action Over/Under is an innovative long gun that allows you to shoot both . 00 . OK experts herer is my problem, I can't find a serial number on a Savage 24H-DL over/under. when Savage moved to the Gun library: savage model 24 . Discussion Starter • #1 Savage produced the pump-action Model 1903 . 95. Built around the Savage A22 Mag. /410savage firearms, savage 24 22 mag 410, savage 24 s-a 22 wmr-410, savage 24f 22mag over 410 410 Savage Hybrid | Gun Review 1 Savage Arms’ new lightweight Model 42 over/under is easy to carry and provides a quick follow-up solution for harvesting small game. 75" Weight 6 Pounds Matte Black Finish Known models 24 Series N, 24 Series P, 24 Series S. 24 S-E Over/Under 22-20ga. 22/410 Rifle Shotgun~Model 311 Double Barrel Ad, Click to View Image Album Authentic 1950's Catalog Advertisement Condition Scale: Good This collectible 50's catalog advertisement is about: 7 3/4" X 10" 20 X 25. Stevens/Savage model 94 /24. Buttstock. PS: I just found out that Savage has started making a 22/410 combo gun again. 300 Savage, . 410 rifled slugs 3. SN: bgh. 22lr/. You can also purchase inserts for the 20 gauge to convert it to a rifle such as a 30-30. The Savage Model 99 is one of the most iconic—and reliable—hunting rifles ever made. Buyer pays shipping Savage Model 24 S-D Combo Gun . Evan -- Evan Moran (knucklehead86@hotmail. 410 Gauge Rimfire Combination Gun Nearly a decade ago, Savage's popular and affordably-priced model 24 combination gun was discontinued. 91 used. 410 3” magnum cartridges 1960 Print Ad Savage Model 24 22 Cal Rifle & . Join the Rebel Arms Social Club. $145. take a look at all the photos and please feel free to contact me with any questions. By the early 1960s Savage firearms would start producing the model 24 with the 22 Magnum cartridge and this became quite popular at the time. 22 Winchester rimfire magnum over . com. 22lr-. 410 shotgun barrel on bottom. This example is marked USAF on the bottom of the frame. What began with Arthur Savage back in 1894, continues stronger than ever today. 410 with 3” chamber. Magnum Research Baby Eagle Savage Model 24 Early Model Extractor 22/410 Over Under: Our Price: $ 24. 22LR on top and 3" . Specifications. 410, . Related: savage model 24 stock savage model 24 sight savage model 24 gun parts savage model 24 forend savage model 94 savage model 24 sights savage model 24 22-410 savage model 24 barrel savage model 24 front sight savage model 99 savage 22 410 savage model 24 trigger guard Savage Model 24 barrels - 22 mag over 410 for sale online. This Stevens Model 22-410 is an overunder long gun with a 22 LR rifle barrel above a 410-bore shotgun barrel. 22 long Rifle/20 Gauge, Cabela's uses your CAB Support ID to provide faster resolution to issues experienced while on our website. It is chambered in . $325. savage model 24 combination gun . 22 LR/ 410 is worth 300 to 400. 410. I know that they started to make new ones again with all the high tech stuff on them, but I like the look of the old school ones a lot better. Local shop has a Savage model 24 "s d" that is a break action, over-under . This rifle is in pre-owned shooter condition. 90% original blue on thebarrels and approx. . "You set your own goals for success, and when you succeed it don't necessarily mean that you're going to be a big star or make a lot of money or anything. Now I just have to sell something else to restock the "mad money". 9. 410 . com), February 07, 2004. This is an excellent platform for small game hunting and recreational shooting. $69. Savage Model 24 Example Walnut Stock Example Walnut butt stock made for Savage/Stevens Models 24, 94, 107, 219, 220, 240, 242, Revelation 350 or similar with scalloped type receiver. 410 O/U 2 Savage Model 3, . 410 gauge shells in the bottom barrel Savage is catering to all of the small caliber fans and varmint hunters out there with the launch of the 110 Prairie Hunter. Within 20 years they were producing rifles, handguns, and ammunition. SAVAGE MODEL 24 FIELD - . Savage Model 24 barrels - 22 mag over 410 for sale online. Size: L. This is a Savage Model 24 over under 22 mag/410. Joined Apr 11, 2011 · 271 Posts . MK69LM-E6BX-00. Savage Model 24 Parts 22 Mag . Price: $549. The Model 42 is plenty accurate enough for a headshot at 25 yards, using the mechanical sights. 22/20ga Camper's Companion Model 24 Savage. Air Force crews operating in remote areas. 22s/l/lr 9 Remington 514, . It is used but shots great!!!!! I am willing to part with it if the price is right. 22 lr/20 ga and Stevens 22-410: (Pre WWII has wood stocks, later years had tenite) Savage 24: (Joined barrels the entire length; top of tang barrel release lever; right side button barrel selector on Model 24, 24A, 24B; 24E was the first with barrel selector on the hammer often referred to as the 24E conversion when found on the other models that had button selectors) Re: Savage model 24 . The 42 Takedown rimfire-shotgun combo breaks down with simple push of one button and includes a bug-out bag so you can easily transport it anywhere. I also have a 24v in 223 / 20 that has taken black bear, elk, deer, and Mountain goat, along with a scaddle of grouse and ptarmagan. On serviceable rimfires are found a savage and remained in the savage model 24's. See more ideas about savage, guns, shotgun. 410 Model 24 in the late 1940's. 99 Hogue Savage 10, 11, 14 & 16 Detachable Box Mag / Hinged Floor Plate Short Action Standard Barrel Pillar Bed Stock 11100 (1) $149. Army Air Corps bought 15,000 22-410 combination guns to use as survival guns. 22lr/. Savage arms company je výrobce střelných zbraní se sídlem ve Westfieldu, Massachusetts, USA a s divizí v Kanadě. 5 cm) NO Copies ~ NO Reproductions All of our ads are hand-picked& carefully removed from their original Meet your must-have survival, truck, camping and more gun. 22/. Details: • Top barrel is BNP for . 22/. I just bought one in real nice shape for under $250, and have seen a number of the Savage model 24s in that price range. SKU. The barrels are blued with a black synthetic stock Specifications: - Action: Over/Under - Caliber: 22 Long Rifle (LR Savage introduced the Stevens Model Four-Ten in 1936, then the "Savage" . ), the following current book values apply. 22/. On the other hand I don't care for the price. The best price for savage 410 22 for sale online. Whether you use them for recreational or competitive shooting, self-defence or hunting, every inch of our products is designed to give you an edge. Mod 7 Remington Gamemaster 760, . 22-410 (same gun, basically, under different names - Savage bought Stevens) start at $250 and they get that easily. 410 shotgun, side selector control Metal finished in guncote grey, stock original. $35. RF over. The price is also affected considerably by the caliber of the rifle barrel. up for your consideration is a savage model 24 . Very collectible guns these days. 602 Savage/Stevens model 94, 24, 22-410. One- inch groups were the limit of the author's ability at 25 yards using the mechanical sights. 410 Bore 20" Carbon Steel Barrels 3" Chamber . $119. I have a rare Savage 24 in . 22" threaded stainless barrel with sights and bushnell banner 3-9x40mm rifle scope C$801. Enfield and Mauser. 4155 Savage Model 1899-C 26” Half Octagon Barrel Rifle: Savage Model 1899-D Military Musket: Savage Model 1899-F Saddle Ring Carbine: Savage Model 1899-CD Deluxe Rifle: Savage Model 1899-H Featherweight Rifle: Savage Model 1899 . 22 mag/410 or even one with 20 gauge. 357 Mag (3) 375 H&H Mag (1) 38 Smith & Wesson (0) 38 Special (2) 410 Gauge (4) Savage used to make a full sized model 24 in 357 magnum over 20 gauge (12 might also have been available if that is more your speed). We do not offer any kind of layaway program under any circumstances. Get the best deals for savage model 24 at eBay. 25 inch groups with it at 75 yards. 22 magnum over . 410 Estimate: $100 - $200 Current bid: $130 It is interesting to note that in 1954 the model 24 would retail for $36. 410 over/under when I was 13. 00 the value of a savage model 24 22/410 series p over under shotgun used? Anonymous. In 1950, Stevens stopped making the 22-410, and Savage introduced the same gun as the Model 24. 270win 8 Remington Model 514, . Added sling with that holds 2 - . So far as the 24 at age 13 thought I'd die without a Savage 24. 22 magnum/410 condition Value of a Savage Model 24 410/22 combo? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 10 of 10 Posts. 410 Magnum manufactured in 1960. Lot Description Price Realized 1 Savage Model 24, . Savage Model 42 Youth Over/Under Combo 22444 Break Action Over Under Combination Rifle and Shotgun . 410 GA 26 3 Turkish Walnut NORTH AMERICAN ARMS 22MS . Thanks. That being said, I have a VERY early (1920s, most likely, when they first started making these) Stevens . On Saturday morning, we sit around and drink sodas and coffee and eat peanuts while we solve the world’s problems. Has been shot very little and bores are perfect. 22 cal/410 shotgun over/under. Estimated value: $5,000 to $6,000. 22 Long Rifle in the top barrel, and for 2 1/2 inch or 3" . 1 decade ago. $100-$200. Rimfire and bottom barrel fires . 58. 1 Added red dot site for better accuracy 2. com. 30-40 *Savage Mod 24 Cal 20 GA/. Invaluable is the world's largest marketplace for art, antiques, and collectibles. 22 magnum / 410. Quantity in Stock: (Out of Stock Up for auction is a Savage Model 24 S-E Combo Gun . S. 22 rimfire/. Currency:CAD Category:Business & Industrial Start Price:10. 50 CAD Savage Model 24 Rifle-Shotgun Survival Gun. Est. Savage Arms model 24. The New Model 42 has an MSRP of $480 The Rossi 22lr/410 Matched pair rifle (comes with interchangeable barrels) has an MSRP of $225 | | 1958 Savage Model 24. Because the 22 long rifle ammo and the 410 ammo was quite cheap in the 1950s. 58 new and $851. You’ll like this Savage gun price guide if: Combination Cased Set . com. 250-3000 Savage Rifle Model 99-B 26"/24" Standard Weight Takedown Model 99-C 22 Combination Cased Set . Retail prices may be 20% higher: New in box/perfect --100% condition - $ 600 Model 240 over & under shotgun and Model 24 - model 22/. View Item in Catalog Lot #38 (Sale Order: 37 of 73) Sold for: $485. 410 for auction. Very collectible guns these days. This is an early model, before Savage grooved the . Savage Model 24 . When Savage pulled the plug, a near-constant clamor of die-hard fans convinced 'em to bring it back a few years later with a slightly different design. 9780 X. Show more articles . That would be a great hunter for everything from bunnies to geese and coyotes and bush hunting deer. repairing a gun Savage Stevens model 24 Overunder Blued. SOLD. Its a Savage Model 24, which is a . Overall in G on Jan 18, 2020 Standard configuration manufactured starting 1949. Forend 410-ga. 22 LR Barrel 2 Rounds Adjustable Sights Synthetic Stock Overall Length 34. The gun shown and reported on here is the standard grade with smooth shotgun-style buttstock and pistol grip, but high-grade versions also were offered. We have more details about Detail, Specification, Customer Reviews and Comparison Price. Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks Savage 22-410 Stock $123. ) Product Description. Savage Model 24 . Not bad for an old Savage! WB. mag. Shotgun bore is clear of pitting or obstructions. 00: Winchester . Disc. Model 99-H Carbine – Made in . You are considering a vintage Mag-Fed Savage/Stevens Model 84C rifle that’s chambered for 22 Short, Long, or Long Rifle. (537-4) Some finish wear and blemishes. 22 Mag over a 20 ga. Magnum. Here is an over under combo gun with a 24" BBL top is a . the gun seems to function and with a Savage Model 42 Break Action Rifle -A versatile break-action hammer gun, the Model 42 by Savage combines a 22 Long Rifle or 22 WMR (22 Mag) rifle barrel with a 410 shotgun barrel for twice the fun when plinking or hunting. 00 over the last 10 to 15 years. CHECK YOUR LOCAL AND STATE LAWS TO BE SURE THAT THIS IS LEGAL IN YOUR AREA BEFORE BIDDING Savage Model 24 . 22 LR & 22 WMR over . Kahn DNSkahn@aol. price ea; american arms 10 ga 3 1/2" parkerized 28" made in italy by pedretti savage model 24 22 lr / 410 barrel : vg : 0 : 75. Mag. 22LR Over . 22 rifle barrel on top, coupled with a . I'm in my mid 70's now and a few years ago walked by a minty 50's-60's model at the Tulsa Gunshow. Top barrel is . 22 LR, the lower is a . The first rifle chambered for the 22 Magnum was the Marlin Levermatic. $45. as always, thank you for your interest. This is an excellent Savage Model 24-H Combination rifle/shotgun with over under barrel. 22 Magnum over 20 Gauge. Stevens Savage Model 40 22 Cal Bolt Assembly Savage Model 5 22 Lr. This is the less common . This gun features a hardwood stock and forend with black buttplate, case colored receiver with 24" barrels and o model 24 savage over/under for sale, modewl#24. 99 SAIGA MAGAZINE . The break-action combo fires rimfire rounds from the top barrel and . Thanks Greg The Savage Model 24 was an affordably-priced over-under combination gun, manufactured for decades. Gun. This is a new gun and would make a great farm gun or one to Price: $9,500. 410 shotgun underneath. Savage Model 24 O/U combo gun,. 410 Gauge. newly listed Price + Shipping: lowest first Price Savage Model 24 Parts , 22 Mag/ . 410 Caliber Shotgun Shell from the same firearm. 270 Win *Weatherby Mark-V Cal . Condition: NRA: Very good. 22 over 20 gauge. Don't know history on it. This combination gun is a Savage Model 24 Series S chambered in . 22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire and the . Most of these guns are marked on the right side of the frame as either Model 24-DL, 24B-DL, 24C-DL, 24E-DL, 24H-DL, or 24J-DL. It’s in fantastic shape for its age with very little wear from usage, handling, and storage. 22s/l/lr 10 Remington 514, . 22 Mag Barrel on Top w/ . 410 Barrel, Model 99-A 24-inch Featherweight Rifle, Model 99-K Deluxe Engraved Magnum Research. This firearm has been case hardened. View this auction and search for other auctions now on the leading online auction platform. It has been chambered in . Mine is really accurate and I believe they usually are. from Cordier Auctions & Appraisals on Invalid date EDT. 5 creed. 22 LR W/ Weaver K-4 *Krag-Jorgensen 1898 Cal . View Product Details. It is not the model 24 and apparently only comes in that chambering. Later models had a barrel band on the fore-end and a ramp front sight. Overall condition of the gun is quite good. I had dozens of opertunities at 22/410’s. 22 single shot bolt rifle Savage 71, 72, 74 . In poor shape, it's worth maybe $125, in average shape between $200 and $300, and in great shape Savage OVER=UNDER MODEL 24-S D 22 OVER A 3 INCH SHOTGUN - 20 GA $700. 22 Mag over . . Still in great condition. 00 : Savage model 775A. R. I wanted a . 410 variant is mentioned in the Gun Digest. If we don’t have it, we can get it. is worth. One of Savage’s own guns and manufactured in 1960 (found a guide to both dating and identifying which model is which) I’d always assumed it was one of the 15,000 Model 22-410s bought by the US Army for use as survival guns During World War II but possibly Korea? The savage 24 was available in several other combo's to . 95 (Save 15%) $127. Looking for $700. sieries. over 20 ga. ) New Savage Model 42 – . 14 Savage Model 24 22/410 Over under. With an MSRP of $459 (street prices will be lower) the first Model 42 Combinations are scheduled to hit the shelves late in Q1 of 2012. Made from lightweight aircraft aluminum. $34. 22 WIN MAG. The model 24 is the most used gun in my cabinet by far. sales@countrygunsmith. BUTTSTOCK blemished odds n ends. The break-action combo fires rimfire rounds from the top barrel and . Value of savage by john browning and rapper 21 savage warranty station. Introduced to the market in the early 1950s, the Savage Arms Model 24 series of over/under combo guns were available in several rifle caliber and shotshell combinations. Joined Dec 31, 2006 · 1,782 Posts . The top barrel is chambered for . 22-410 with wood stock and fixed V-notch rear sight for sale. 410 Chamber 1:16 RH Twist . Great guns. 22/. Savage Model 42 Modifications I made some changes to my Model 42. The gun is a Stevens 22-410 Model. Savage® Model 42 Over / Under . Save big on a new savage model 24. 308 win 22" cch frederic, wi 54837 Jan 11, 2016 - Explore boone saint's board "Savage 24" on Pinterest. Mag. Metal retains some of its original finish. 410. 22lr 4 Browning 12ga Magnum 5 Browning A5 3" Magnum, 12ga 6 Browning A5, 12ga, Lt. These are outstanding "survival" guns because of their ability to shoot many calibers. If no go to #11. Good rabbit and squirrel getters, but not fancy guns. 8. Numerous magazines were scanned for Savage 24 adds and my lust for one became tempered with age. It is a . I'm not a huge fan of the 410 If it is marked with some variation of the Model 24, it is later. If you are patient, they will show-up and be the price you can afford. This Savage manufactured 5 round magazine assembly is for the Sporter model 22 bolt action rimfire r. You are thinking of the Savage Model 24 series of combination firearms. I inherited my Uncles 24 with a 22 magnum over 20 gauge and I believe that the 20 gauge has the thickest barrel of any shotgun that I own. poacherjoe · Registered. Rifle/Shotgun. 410 remained in Savage’s line until about 1987, at least that is the last year a . It eventually became the Savage Model 24. 22 and. 22 Mag/. Savage 24V-B . SOLD. 22 long rifle cartridge and is optionally available with shotgun barrel chambered for either the 20-ga. Not quite as good condition as yours appears to be, Sold for $ 300. 410, with . Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 3 of 3 Posts. 00 : vintage savage model 99-cd lever action original box . 00 to $550. These are outstanding "survival" guns because of their ability to shoot many calibers. Savage - Stevens - 94 107 24 Series - Top Snap Plunger Spring - V - 139 Savage Model 24 combo gun in 22mag/20 gauge 22 LR 22 Mag 22 Hornet 218 Bee 32-20 32 ACP 32 H & R 32 S & W 30 Luger 30 Mauser I have a 22lr/410 that I might be View Product Details. 303 and . "Savage Model 24" For Sale Savage 22156 555 Compact Over/Under . The Model 42s barrels are 20 inches long, and the upper barrel fires . 2800 Barrel 24 Oal Good Bore . 24” – Savage – Matte – Small Shank – Lite Varmint – 300 Win. 22 Hornet Magnum Research 22lr, pepper black laminate stock, carbon fiber barrel, 7 x 10 round magazines, 6 magazines new in packaging, Vortex Scope Viper HS 4-16×44 LR Deadwood BDC Reticle and vortex rings. 22 Magnum ammunition with 30 grain V-Max bullets. Regardless of what anyone says, you can shoot 22 mag or 22 long rifle from it just fine so long as you brush the chamber often. Sincerely, S. 410 Bore 3" chamber" Appears to have been made in Westfield, Mass. 410, 20 GA. $232. 410 value? - 04/07/06 I've been told that they're no longer making the . 00. 300 Savage/. 22 lr/410 being popular as well as the . military and civilians with some of the best value firearms on the market today. What began with Arthur Savage back in 1894, continues stronger than ever today. 22 Mag Combination Gun is available on HiBid. 99. 250-2000 Savage Rifle: Savage Model 99-B 26”/24” Standard Weight Takedo: Savage Model 99-C 22” Standard Weight The firearm breaks down with simple push of one button and includes a bug-out bag so you can easily transport it anywhere. 00, is anyone here familiar with this rifle? Savage Model 1912 22 Semi Auto Rifle Magazine Catch Spring $5. For sale we have a Savage model 24 over/under rifle/shotgun in . 410 shotgun (Small quantity procured circa 1950) This was a standard commercial design purchased by the Air Force circa 1949 for use as survival weapons by U. 22 Marlin semi and a H&R 20 gauge, but my dad tried to convince that is not what I wanted. R92 44 Mag 24" 12 Rounds Octagonal Barrel Stainless Steel / Brazilian Hardwood . 22/. 703 Ithaca Lefever Nitro special. BUTTSTOCK & forend Fancy odds n ends. By looking at mine I don't think u have enough material on the top barrel to drill and tap for a scope. BAS Item Dimensions: 41" Savage Model 24 barrels - 22 mag over 410 for sale online. For over 120 years, Savage Arms has been supplying the U. 410 bore, lightweight field version, 24 in. 410 holds a tight pattern at ten feet from the muzzle. 00 Instant gratification costs more, so see us for the best price before you buy a firearm. 7B. $18. 410 bore shotgun shells from the bottom. Pistols Savage 1905, 1907, 1910 . It had the break open lever on the right side. 22 Hornet. 410 bore. The best price for savage model 24 for sale online. The 12 month average price is $1,389. This gun is in overall fine condition showing approx. I have two; 22 / 20 gauge and 22 /410, both bought for about $150 each back in the 90s. More Details. Smooth bore looks very good! In stock It is light, well made, accurate, and has few moving parts. 22win. Only" and "Proof tested . It was a nice 22 Magnum Rifle. 22 mag over 12 ga. Savage Model 24 22 Over 410 For Sale is best in online store. I would like to purchase/trade for a model 24. The barrel shows open sights and a tip off scope mounting groove. ending soonest Time: newly listed Price + Shipping: lowest first Price Savage Model 24 Parts , 22 Mag This gun carries on the tradition set out with the Savage Model 24, and does so with modern styling and materials. semi-auto The gun that sits next to my bug-out bag is an old Savage Model 24 combo gun chambered in . 22 Maginum over 20 guage. 410 Ga. 22 lr nib savage mark ii btvs 22 5+1 21" satin stainless right hand heavy barr eau claire, wi 54703: new: 3/26/2021: $345. 410 earlier, I may just have to turn it loose now. and 12 GA. Magnum, bottom barrel is for 3" . They came in a large amount of configurations. 410 days. Show more articles . Rifle/Shotgun, SN# none, 24” bbl’s, normal wear, good condition / Savage Model 24 22/410 Over under. 00: 0 Savage NEW 99 C CD CE magazine , PRICE RANGE $0-$100. $1800 + Shipping obo. 00: Winchester Rifle - Winchester model 61 22 magnum with 24" barrel made in 1962 serial number 315xxx (Full Details) Price: $2,495. Toggle between the 20-inch carbon steel barrels with a selection switch conveniently located on the hammer. If the 24V is in decent shape your gun could easily bring somewhere around $325-$450, I recently seen a . Military and comercial. 00 CAD Savage Model 4C Complete Trigger Assembly $24. 410 3" shell. 22 mag- 357 mag-222-223-30-30 were available at one time with the 410/20/12 ga's in different combo's The camper model/shorter one is one I was looking for when I grabbed mine. 250-3000 *JC Higgins Mod 50 (FN) Cal . Buy online, view images and see past prices for (X) Savage Model 24B 22 mag/410 ga. During World War II the United States Army Air Corps purchased some 15,000 Model 22-410s for use as survival guns. 410 Shotgun & 22 LR (3036961) × Bidding has ended on this item. 22 long Rifle/20 Gauge, Cabela's uses your CAB Support ID to provide faster resolution to issues experienced while on our website. Savage Model 24 with nice wood. 300 savage savage 99 ce 300 centennial 22 inch " barrel marshall, nc 28753: new old stock: 2/21/2021: $1,800. Shooting a old savage combination rifle,not sure about its age but i know its older than me. Prodej zbraně: Kulobrok Savage model 24 22 WMR/ 410 Magnum , kombinované, č: 1115. 22 LR *Remington Mod 700 Cal 6mm-284 W/ E. 22 win mag / . With the selector button on the side. Break open double barrel O/U combination shotgun rifle. 00. 410 GA Barrel on Bottom – Savage 19667. Savage introduced the first hammerless lever-action rifle, the Model 1895, derived from Arthur Savage's Model 1892 rifle that he had designed for Colt in a failed bid for a US Army rifle contract that instead was won by the Krag–Jørgensen design. 222/ 20 gauge in a Savage 24 with a Redfield 3x9 at a gun show 2 weeks ago for $475 but it was at least 80%. Save big on a new savage 410 22. The gun is a Savage 24DL De Luxe model. 95 and in 1961 would retail for $43. 410 on bottom. shot barrel. /. hoping for either 22LR . BUTTSTOCK with pad odds n ends. Every Saturday from 9 am to 4 pm. Looks newer, the selector for which barrel is integrated in the hammer. 22 lr savage mark ii 062654207006 g-i-74887 21 inch " barrel barboursville, wv 25504: new: 3/27/2021: $417. 95 SAVAGE MARK II FV BOLT ACTION 22LR 21" HEAVY BARREL SYNTH Savage Model 24C Combo 22 Mag/20G Lucky Dip (US24CLD) $150 00. 22/. 22 Long Rifle or . 222 at local gun shows. In the late 1930s, Stevens Arms, part of the Savage Arms Co group, came up with the model 24 over-and-under combination gun of a . (X) Savage Model 24B 22 mag/410 ga. SOLD. 604 Stevens model 225 Savage Stevens Model 24 94 22-410 Top Snap Plunger. The debut models will be chambered in . Selling a Savage Model 24 Combination gun. 22/410 COMBO make any warranties or representations of any kind or nature with respect to property or its value, and in no event shall be The Savage Model 42 combo-gun was introduced in 2012, as the successor to the Model 24. I can toss in some ammo worth about $40 with the gun. Let me know. I will call in short word as Savage Model 24 22 Over 410 For Sale For those who are seeking Savage Model 24 22 Over 410 For Sale review. Ya just don't see em for sale often let alone reasonable. 22 LR Over . More Information I recently sold my Model 24 in 22 over 410. /. Used Genuine Later Model Savage 99 250 Savage (250-3000) 3 Round Detachable Magazine (UGSAV250MAG In . 410 bore combination. It’s well constructed, light weight and supe This is a Savage Arms model 24B, . GUNS & MORE Handguns, Rifles & Accessories | 1pm SAT 2/29/20 ( Closed #3012646) Home > By Model > Savage Model 24 24A 24B 24DL 24E 2fH 24J 22/410 Sort By: Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Most Popular Title Manufacturer Newest Oldest Availability 30 per page 60 per page 120 per page 180 per page 300 per page Page of 1 In my area (NC), prices for a decent Savage 24 or Stevens . R92 357 Mag 24" 12 Rounds Octagonal Barrel Black / Brazilian Savage just came out with a model 42 which is the new version of the 24 it might be set up for a scope I have a 24 like yours but my side selector broke had to put a new hammer in with the selector on it they are great guns. During World War II the United States Army Air Corps purchased some 15,000 Model 22-410s for use as survival guns. 357 Mag and . Lets hear from all you Savage 24 guys. 22 rimfire rifle from 1903 until 1916 and again for one year in 1922. 410 Gauge single shot break action Rifle. Savage Model 42 Over/Under Rifle/Shotgun Combo – . Barrel was 24", stock had no storage space, and the weapon did not break down. When Savage pulled the plug, a near-constant clamor of die-hard fans has convinced Savage to bring the combination gun back with a different design. Semi inlet, drilled for draw bolt and will require fit and finish. Bid on Lot #640: Two Savage Model 24 Over/Under Combination Guns - Chambered for 12 Gauge and . I31-315 The Savage Model 24 was actually introduced by Stevens Arms as the Model 22-410 in 1938. 805 Stevens/Savage model 94 /24. 22 Magnum Win. Walnut stocks (small crack) with plastic butt plate. 00 since its worth over a $1000. Missing front sight (bead?) and one scuff on the butt stock, otherwise primo for $269. 100-400 USD. In this form and called the Model 24 D, in . 22 LR and . This was not the firearm I wanted. Mounts securely into the two factory grooves cut into the upper rimfire barrel found on Savage O/U 24 C,D,F,&G models. The new value of a MODEL 24 rifle has fallen $0. With a 2. *NO SERIAL NUMBER -- SHOTGUN MANUFACURED PRIOR TO 1968* 24" barrel over / under combination dual caliber rifle / shotgun. The 22-410 is originally a stevens design as you have. Here, a reader shares the story of a his grandfather’s 99, chambered in . 250 Savage, . Re: Savage Model 42 22lr/410 [ Re: Kelly ] #7030202 10/28/20 07:57 AM 10/28/20 07:57 AM I had a Savage model 24S-D . 22 Hornet are very near the top. $700 to $ 900 is the going price for a mint condition model 24 in . 95. Bob's Gun Shop Inc. 22 Win. 22 mag. . Not much of a price difference in the 1950s. 410 gauge. The Model 24 was produced all the way up to 2010 when it was discontinued. Savage owned Stevens and continued to make the gun under the Savage brand, expanding the line to include 22 mag over 20 gauge, centerfire rifle over 12 gauge, etc. The . Condition - Value 100% - $350 Support the NRA and Protect Your 2nd Amendment Freedom in 2021 with this SAVAGE MODEL 24 [22LR & 410 GAUGE]! This is a somewhat rough example of the Savage Model 24. 10 used. There are no major defects, only a couple of light marks in the wood. 22 pump rifle Savage 24 series combo rifle/shotgun Savage 25 . The firearm features a 24 inch over under set of barrels with the top being chambered in a 22 Magnum caliber and the bottom a . Matt/Satin black finish. 22WMR (22 Mag) CCI GamePoint 200 Rds. It is a Mauser 98 knockoff, if you will, that was manufactured at the Kragujevac Arsenal in the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes (later Yugoslavia and now Serbia) beginning in 1924. It can quickly be broken down like a shotgun into 2 parts with the barrel portion measuring 24” long (scope adds 6” more). Savage Arms was founded in 1894 by Arthur Savage in Utica, New York. When Savage pulled the plug, a near-constant clamor of die-hard fans has convinced Savage to bring the combination gun back with a different design. 22LR/. 30-30/20Gauge 6A. 22 WMRF/. Â For 2013, Savage brought out a new version of the model 42 chambered in . we want pictures Good morning, For your Savage model 24J-DL (. 17 to . Model 1899 . P/N 24-218 it looks like new. Must be over 40 years old. 00 The Model 42 will fire a variety of 410 2. 00: Winchester Shotgun - winchester model 61 22 mag serial number 323xxx 24' barrel made in 1962 (Full Details) Price: $2,295. Compare prices from more than 30+ gun stores. : $100-$200. 00. Savage Model 24 Over Under . 22 Hornet 4 22 Long Rifle 53 22 Magnum 21 + View More: ACTION APPLY Bolt 665 Break Open 1 Falling Block 1 Lever 15 Semi-Auto 30: BARREL LENGTH APPLY 16 " 19 17 " 13 18 " 8 19 " 3 20 " 90 21 " 66 22 " 325 23 " 6 24 " 114 + View More: MANUFACTURER APPLY Savage Arms 712 Winchester Rifle - Winchester model 61 22 S L and LR serial number 225xxx 24" barrel grooved receiver take down made in 1956 (Full Details) Price: $895. 22 Mag. Fits ALL . 22 Win. I became aware if the Savage reading magazines and dreaming of bug bucks, bears and Safari’s. Just for grins, Im wondering how many folks on here have one of these Savage model 24 guns, and in what series, caliber/gauges. LOP:14 1/4". 410 which is marked on the left side of the frame. price: sold manufacturer: savage model: 24 caliber info:. This one also has the full length soldered barrels, and frame mounted firing pin selector. The Model 24 MDL is chambered for the . 50. 22 LR ammo while the bottom is ready for . 58 new and $947. 22 long rifle and . It is marked on the left side of the shotgun barrel as Stevens 22-410. This site provides values and information on firearms in a convenient online pricing guide format, and allows you to find out what your used guns are worth. 20 gauge, 12-gauge and in many rifle calibers like . Features external external hammer, top break action, single shot. show blocks helper. 920442493. 1989. *Remington Mod 12-C Cal . Savage Stevens Model 24 Combo 22 LR & 410 Shotgun Kit. 22LR • Bottom barrel is BNP for . 30-30 Model 40 Varmint Hunter with AccuTrigger Models 10/110 (excluding ‘LE SERIES’), 11/111, 14/114 and 16/116 Bolt Action Centerfire Rifles Rimfire Rifles Asking prices for 22 /20 gauge Deluxe Models go as high as about $750. This would remain the combination for all of the 1950s. 410 2821 Top Snap Screw. or . chambers, 6-3/4 lbs. this one needs some tlc the fireing pin for the 22 mag is missing ,and the stock is cracked and has plenty of handeling marks,both are very fixable, the bores are both brite and shiny, the finish is freckeled over most of it but no pitting, the trigger houseing is missing most of its finish also. View Product Details. 00 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $1,389. Despite the fact that dual Unless I find a really old Savage 24 in a . It is light, well made, accurate, and has few moving parts. 284 win. Ill list mine in a fashion that I hope others will list theirs. 22 barrel for scope rings. [5] The condition of the gun can swing the value quite a bit. A co-worker of mine is selling his Savage Model 24 series D rifle, its a combo 20 gauge and . The gun is an early Savage 24 Model. 410 rounds 4. 22 Magnum, while the lower barrel fires . /20 - Savage Model 24 was a . 22s/l/lr 3 Ruger Model 10/22 Carbine, . We’ll see you there! Hours of They are rare and seldom at a reasonable price. 380 pistol Rifles Savage 14, 1914 . 22 Magnum over 20 ga. . 22 LR or . 410. 410 GA Shotgun - Winchester model 42 410ga #114xxx 28" barrel 3" chamber full plain barrel made 1952 (Full Details) Price: $1,995. 22 pump rifle Savage 63, 73 . 00 . 22 LR or . Stevens 94 24 Tenite Forend 410. 32 &. I have a Savage Model 24 . #1. 22WMR (22 Mag) CCI GamePoint 200 Rds. 410 Over/ Under Combination Rifle/Shotgun. 410 by: Richard Johnson 2 Comments Last year the Savage model 42 reintroduced the break-open combo gun to the company’s line up. *Savage 1903 Model 22 Pump Rifle w/ Octagon*Savage 1903 Model 22 Pump Rifle w/ Octagon Barrel This is for a early model pre patent dated Savage 1903 22 pump action rifle with an octagon barrel and *Savage Mod. 22LR/20Gauge #2. Combo*Savage Mod. The only exception is the 24B-DL chambered in . Retail however is still well over $400 on this new product. 22 single shot rifl Seen 24 of the 37 products. Added Allen Rifle stock ammo holder for 9 more . I took it to the range, and test fired it the other day. I have the old model 24 22/20 ga that I had bored to 22 wmr. 95. 150-300 maybe a bit more depending on model and . This gun, in turn was based on the earliest Stevens exposed hammer single shot shotgun designs such as the Models 93 and 97 Nitro Specials from the turn of the century. Check out tradeex Canada, they have combination guns come in and out all the time, some are very expensive drillings and some are cheaper American and Euro combo guns. R. 410 that supports 3" shells. Original open sights. 410 Gauge single shot break action Rifle. 22 Win. 257 Wby. S. Overall in Good Vintage Condition. 30-30 W/ Charles Daley 3-9x40 *Savage Mod 4-C Cal . If it's a gun you're going to hunt small game with get the Model 24 if you can find one without a crazy price tag. savage 99 m de citation grade savage citation grade 99m brand new 22 inch " barrel morristown, nj 07960: new: 3/21/2021: $3,800. 308 24 ROUND PROMAG MAG. 2 Pack Savage Stevens Lakefield Model 62 64 954 22lr 10 Round Magazine 30005. ) I have not handled the Savage 42 but I have handled an Old Savage 24, which I liked. 410 Barrel Model 112 Magnum The Stevens Model 22/410 was made from 1939 to about 1950, when the gun became the Savage Model 24. A22 963CC. View Product Savage Model 24 - 410,22 Over Under. 308, and 12 gauge, and I can live with a powdered die cast metal receiver in that low of a price. My old man has the same gun but in 22 Magnum/410. Savage/Stevens Model 84C | Mag-Fed | 22 S L or LR. None had serial numbers until required by GCA-68 in 1968, and AFAIK Savage dropped the 22/. 00 CAD Estimated At:0. 380 pistol Savage 1917 . 46 Seen 24 of the 37 products. The gun is in nice condition with a 24 Savage has only one combination gun still listed on its website, the Model 42, a 22 LR or 22 Magnum over 410-bore gun that lists for $485 (#19666). . 300 Savage, that hunted every . A22 963CCCCI A22 963CC 200 Rds. Now it is the Model 42. Up for auction is a Savage Model 24 S-E Combo Gun . In 22 mag over 20 gauge, I would think yours will be worth at least as much. Shaw Barrel *Springfield Mod 1903 "Custom The Savage Model 24 combo gun actually began life as the Stevens Model 22-410 in 1939. They usually came in a rifle/shotgun combination with . 22/20 with a milled steel receiver in good condition for a reasonable price, it makes more sense to get the Rossi as it is also offered in barrels from . 22/. Savage Arms - Savage Arms History (refer to owner's manual provided with firearm for instructions) before cleaning; Savage 24 disassembly - I am trying to get an idea of what a Stevens 22/410 over/under, Stevens savage arms corp. Mag. I always wanted to use a 22, so I used his Winchester pump. 22 Long Rifle and . 00 26”- Savage – Stainless Steel – Large Shank – Bull – 22-250 – 12 Twist: $275. 22 win. Compare prices from more than 30+ gun stores. 22 Mag barrel on top and a . mag. 00 : savage 63 m 22 magnum: gd The Model 24 DL is chambered for the . over & under Combo guns. 3" shell or the . These break-action firearms are unusual in that they are an over & under configuration, with the top barrel chambered in 22 Long Rifle and the bottom shotgun barrel in 410 bore. Stevens Savage Model 40 22 Cal Bolt Assembly It is a Savage Model 24 but unsure of up so we figured we just google some schematics or instructions on disassembly. Po Box 200 Royal AR 71968 MILLIONS OF GUN PARTS !! FAX 24 hours a Day (501)-767-2750 (Leave Your FAX # when you FAX. 410 combination rifle/shotgun with a wood stock. 22 WMR / . 2170 W and back edge to center of hole is. 22s/l/lr 11 Remington Savage Model 24 barrels - 22 mag over 410 for sale online. $34. 93 savage model mark ii minimalist rifle 22 magnum brown laminate 18" threaded 062654919374 18 inch Rare in the UK, a Savage Model 24 Field Grade Combination Gun chambered . 51 . The blued steel barrels are 24 inches long and topped with a ramped bead front sight. 410 combination gun. F. $269. The Savage Model 24 was an affordably-priced over-under combination gun, manufactured for decades. Early side selector. I have a Savage Model 24 combo gun in 22 mag over 20 gauge. Top barrel fires . 22 pump rifle w/tubular magazine Savage 29, 29A, 29B . To me this is the perfect survival gun. savage model 24 22 mag 410 value